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The most beautiful universities in Africa

The African continent impresses with its landscape and natural diversity. It is clear that choosing a university in appearance is strange, as well as choosing a beautiful combination of numbers, but in the end, this may play an important role, perhaps this is how you will find yourself in the university of your dreams or wait for good XSMB, xo so mien bac.

The University of Cape Town is the oldest university, for this reason it can rightfully be considered the most beautiful, because it has such a long history of existence, beginning in the 19th century.

Gaston Berger University has campuses in two cities in the north of Senegal. Although there are many buildings in the style of the French colonial era, the buildings on the campus are modern.

The appearance of the University of Ghana is so intriguing and attracts attention that it has been used as a backdrop in many films.

Photo by Nothing Ahead from Pexels

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