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OUP Southern Africa celebrates centenary with ‘Every child deserves a dictionary’ campaign

OUP Southern Africa celebrates centenary with ‘Every child deserves a dictionary’ campaign

Oxford University Press Southern Africa (OUPSA) launched a flagship centenary campaign, “Every child deserves a dictionary” today. The campaign will see the educational publisher donating 20, 000 dictionaries to schools across South Africa that would otherwise not have the funds to buy such an important and valuable resource.

The “Every child deserves a dictionary” campaign aims to create awareness about the value of education and language. To kick-start OUPSA’s centenary, 10, 000 dictionaries are currently being distributed to schools in the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, North West, Free State, Gauteng and Western Cape. The donations are facilitated by the Adopt-a-School Foundation which has also helped select schools to receive the dictionaries.

“We truly believe that every child does deserve a dictionary, arming them with the resources they need to help them with their education, as education is the key to social transformation in South Africa and a way to unlock opportunities for the youth of the country. This campaign is not just about giving something back to the learners of South Africa; it is fundamentally about the value of words, literacy and books.” said Steve Cilliers, MD of Oxford University Press Southern Africa.

Established in South Africa in 1915, OUPSA is a leading publisher of educational material for schools and higher education. OUPSA is especially well-known for its trusted dictionaries and excellent literacy material. The Oxford South African School Dictionary was developed in consultation with a range of South African teachers and language experts and addresses many common usage mistakes that South Africans (learners and adults alike) make. The dictionary is aligned to the curriculum and is one of the non-fiction top-sellers in the country.

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