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Book Launch: Zimbabwe Takes Back Its land

Thursday, 31 January 2013 - 5:00pm
Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, 10 St James's Square London SW1Y 4LE

Book Launch

New Book: Zimbabwe takes back its land


By Joseph Hanlon, Jeanette Manjengwa, and Teresa Smart


When 170,000 black farmers occupied 4,000 white farms in Zimbabwe in 2000, it caused world-wide shockwaves. A decade later, Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land finds that the new farmers are doing relatively well, improving their lives and becoming increasingly productive, especially since the US dollar became the local currency.

Book launch & drink: Thursday 31 January 2013, 1700, Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs, with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, MP, Former UK Defence Secretary & Foreign Secretary. The meeting is open, but Chatham House requires pre-registration.

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Additional Events

Or just a debate: Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land, Monday 28 January 2013, 18.30, London School of Economics (LSE), New Theatre, East Building.

 Open, no registration needed.

Birmingham:  Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land, Thursday 17 Jan. Send a note if you want to attend.