Top 50 Universities in Africa

East african university rankings

The latest university ranking by The Web Ranking of Universities has ranked the University of Nairobi as the best university in East and Central Africa. UoN has been ranked as position 9 in Africa, out of 1307 ranked universities in Africa. The University has also registered the highest improvement internationally in its history since inception, standing position 907 out of 22, 000 universities ranked. This has been a major improvement since it stood at position 1167 in January.

The university posted on its website that “the ranking confirms the scholarly competitive edge the University of Nairobi (UoN) has steadily maintained in the country, in Africa and the entire world. Over the years, it has established itself as world-class university committed to scholarly excellence offering programmes in diverse fields of specialization”.

The second local university is Kenyatta University standing at position 22 in Africa and 1983 globally. JKUAT was third in Kenya, 45 in Africa with Egerton University scooping position 4 in Kenya, 49 globally and Africa globally. Moi University rounded up the top 5 in Kenya.

Strathmore University 6th and was ranked 77 in Africa. Strathmore was the only local private university appearing among the top 100 universities in Africa.

The best University in the World, according to Webometrics, is Harvard University while the worst perfomng university is Universidad Privada San Juan Bautista. Most top 100 positions globally have been scooped by Universities in the US and the UK, with none of African universities making it top 100.

The best Perfoming University in Africa so far is University of Cape Town from South Afria which stands at position 350 globally while the worst is Ideas University Collage, which stands at position 1306 in Africa and 21945 globally.

The worst Performing University in Kenya is Embu University Collage standing at position 63 locally. USIU was ranked at position 11 locally.

The University of Nairobi says that “UoN’s performance is the best result posted by any regional University since the advent of web ranking in 2004, The University has grown massively from admitting only a few students who excel highly to now accommodating parallel students who don’t make it through government sponsorship.

In November 2013, the University of Nairobi’s College of Health Sciences was recognized as the Centre of Excellence in health by the East African Legislative Assembly while the school of Business recently ranked as the best school of business in Africa. The improved rankings come against the backdrop of increased enrollment. The students population of the University of Nairobi has tremendously grown, currently standing at an undergraduate population of 70, 000 from 30, 000 in 2004, making it the largest university in East and Central Africa.

UoN has a research portfolio of KES 3.5 billion and over 1350 international linkages. The University notes that of all this linkages, 350 are active. The research kitty is the biggest in the region and is the incubation point of knowledge by scholars and students.

Top Ten Universities in Africa

1. University of Cape Town

2. Cairo University

3. Stellenbosch University

4. University of Pretoria

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