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Catholic university of eastern africa fee structure

Congratulations and welcome to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa! Below are some important information and attachments that you require in preparation to your registration at our institution.

Registration and Orientation
You are expected to arrive at the University on Tuesday, 30th May 2016 at 8:00 am at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Langata Campus, Pope Paul VI Learning Resource Centre.
Documents required
Please bring originals and copies of the following:
1. KCSE result slip or certificate
2. School leaving certificate
3. National ID or birth certificate
In addition please bring:
1. Two (2) passport-size photos
2. Filled-in
a. Application form
b. Student’s Personal Details form
c. Medical form
d. Acceptance/Non-acceptance/Deferment form
e. Code of Good Conduct form
Fees and Account Details
You are required to pay the semester fee on or before the reporting date. No student will be registered before paying the fees as required.
Tuition KShs 8, 000
Statutory Fee KShs 12, 000
Total KShs 20000

Payments can be made by BANKERS CHEQUES payable to: CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN AFRICA or by Direct Deposit in the University’s accounts in any of the branches of the following banks:
a. COMMERCIAL BANK OF AFRICA A/C No: 6479 000 011 (Wabera St.Branch)
b. COOPERATIVE BANK OF KENYA A/C No: 2200 (Parliament Branch)
c. EQUITY BANK A/C No: 0491 (Rongai Branch)

d. Sidian Bank a/c # 0831

e. MPESA: Paybill No.100205 Use the Student Registration Number as the Account Number (You will need to add 40 shs on top of the fee amount).

Cash payments and other cheques (i.e. personal, Company or Cooperatives cheques), are not accepted.

Bursary and Loans
Kenyan Students who are registered for undergraduate programmes are encouraged to apply for Loans and Bursaries from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). You are encouraged to visit the HELB website [ for more information on the financial aid.
We are soon going to share a list of our service providers. You can find some here.
Deferment of students
Any student who is unable to report for one reason or another should complete the Acceptance/Non acceptance/Deferment form and submit it to the Registrar-Academic as soon as possible, but not later than 21st September 2016. A student who does not submit the form will be deemed to have forfeited his/her admission to the University.

Inter/intra School Transfers
Inter/intra school transfers will be processed within the first three weeks of the semester. A student who wishes to transfer will be required to fill and submit the inter/intra school transfer form and attach a copy of the KCSE result slip.
All applications will be considered by the Deans Committee based on the qualifications for the course and the availability of space in the particular course.
List of Attachments
1. Application form
2. Student’s Personal Details form

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