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South Africa’s economy accounts for nearly 25% of the Africa’s gross domestic product. The country’s natural resources have driven its economy, and within its varied landscapes lie some of the most magnificent examples of biodiversity in the world. From the majesty of the natural environment to the bustling city life of Johannesburg, and from the turbulent political history to the modern democratic state it now is, South Africa is a complex country on the rise.

Our IBUS 244: International Management Practices course provides students the opportunity to experience the management practices and business environments in South African organizations.

Students will participate in a half semester long pre-departure class, followed by one week of travel to South Africa during the first week of January. The pre-departure class will be held on Wednesday evenings from 8:10 – 10:40 p.m. on the following dates: November 9, 16, 30, and December 7.

The travel component of the program consists of a series of meetings with managers and tours of companies across various industry sectors, engaged in interactive follow-up discussions to analyze the state of economic development in South Africa. The course enables you to fuse classroom learning with actual techniques used to compete in the global marketplace.

Travel timeline

The program will begin on the Wednesday, January 4 in the program hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa. Students are expected to arrive in Johannesburg on Wednesday, January 4. Information on airport transfer will be given to students before booking flights. Those arriving early will be responsible for arranging their own airport transfer and additional nights in the hotel. The program will conclude on the morning of Saturday, January 14 in Capetown.

Please note, students will be responsible for reserving and purchasing their own airfare to and from South Africa, and may choose to arrive early or stay later for personal travel in the region.


Students are responsible for reserving and purchasing their own airfare to and from South Africa. Transportation between cities within South Africa is included in the cost of the trip and all reservations will be taken care of by the Global Learning Office.

Itinerary and Housing

The Program will begin on Wednesday, January 4th in Johannesburg. We are planning on 2-3 business visits in Johannesburg, as well as sightseeing to include the Mandela House, Apartheid Museum, and a tour of Soweto.

Saturday, January 7 the group will transfer to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve outside of Pretoria. The group will have the opportunity to participate in an evening game drive, and an early morning game drive the following day.

Sunday, January 8th our group will transfer to Pretoria, where we are planning 2-3 business visits.

Tuesday, January 10th the group will fly (South African Airways) from Pretoria to Capetown (this flight is included in the program fee). We are planning on 4 business visits in Capetown and sightseeing to include Table Mountain and Robben Island.

Hotels have been carefully chosen in all locations. Double occupancy lodging and daily breakfast in the hotels is included for all students.

Business visits are tentative and may include “ BMW, De Beers, Engen, Ford SA, Goldfields, Mittal Steel, Petro SA, South African Pulp and Paper Industries, Nedbank and MTN Group.

REMINDER: All visits and activities are tentative and subject to change.

Credit Hours and Eligibility

This program is a 2-credit fall course (IBUS-244-001) and standard AU tuition applies. A 3-credit section of the course is also available (IBUS-244-002).


Students are responsible for the following costs of the program:

  • Tuition: Costs for tuition are based on the number of credits, calculated per the tuition and fee schedule posted on the Student Accounts website.
  • Program Fee: The $2, 550 program fee includes double occupancy room throughout the program, ground transportation as part of the program, intra-country flights, company site visits, and meals and cultural activities as outlined on the program itinerary. Due to possible exchange rate fluctuations, the final program cost may need to be adjusted and will be confirmed 30–60 days in advance of departure. This program fee is billed to your Student Account, minus a $300 non-refundable deposit which is paid to AU through the Kogod Office of Global Learning Programs.
  • Travel: Students are responsible for the reservation and payment of air travel to Johannesburg and from Capetown, South Africa. Flights between Pretoria and Capetown are included in the price of the program.
  • Passport & Visa: Passports must be valid at least until April 14, 2017. If your current passport is expired or is due to expire prior to April 14, 2017, you must obtain a new passport and have it in your possession at least 1 week prior to departure. You must have at least 2 blank visa pages in your passport upon arrival in South Africa. If you do not or will not have 2 blank visa pages in your passport, you must apply for a new passport before departure. US Citizens will obtain visit visas upon arrival in South Africa. Non-US Citizens may need to obtain visas ahead of time and should review the website of the Embassy of South Africa for more information. KSB Global learning will provide visa letters to non US Citizen participants upon request.
  • Incidentals: Expenses for shopping and personal activities, meals, and local transportation not included in the program itinerary are the student's responsibility.
  • Financial Aid: Students planning to use financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine coverage and eligibility.


The deadline to register for this program is Tuesday, September 27. Registration for this course is limited, and is first come, first served. The course may fill before the registration deadline. To reserve your spot, please complete the registration process (steps 1-5 below):

  1. Photocopy the photo/biographical information page of your passport.
  2. Deliver items 2, 3, and 4 (along with a $300 non-refundable deposit) to the Kogod Office of Global Learning mailbox in KSB 106.

Once your deposit and paperwork have been received, you will be registered for either IBUS-244-001 (2 credits) or IBUS-244-002 (3 credits) based on your online registration form. You will not register yourself. Once registered, your student account will be charged for the balance of the program fee.

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